Out of the Woods: Introducing YY* → PDX (Black Raspberry Milkshake IPA, 6%)

As the days get shorter, colder and darker, we hesitated for a bit on what the next release of our series of Milkshake IPAs should be. After all, the YY* series has had a slightly tropical theme running throughout (with a few exceptions like the chocolate & vanilla version). Fall brings an abundance of apples, pears and raspberries and although a berry Milkshake IPA was our main goal, we still wanted something that had a strong berry flavour without completely overpowering the hop aromas. Black raspberries, sweeter and less tart than regular raspberries, quickly became the ideal choice. These type of raspberries are commonly grown in the Oregon region, so keeping up with the series' travel theme we opted for a quick visit to Portland, one of our favourite beer cities.  Best enjoyed while wearing a chunky knit, YY* → PDX lands in our  bottle shop at the right time.

For YY* → PDX, we followed our standard Milkshake IPA recipe, but as with every new beer, some variations were made. This time around we added pectin from apples to the initial mash, making the beer even cloudier than our other versions of the style. Mandarina hops were used in the dry-hopping process to provide some citrus aromas and to round out the fruity aromas if the beer. Lastly, the beer was conditioned with vanilla to give it that desired milkshake smoothness and a round lasting taste.

YY* → PDX will be available on Saturday, October 19th in our bottle shop.

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