#YFYB (Yodel for your Bier): Introducing Hoppelhosen Dry-Hopped Pilsner, 5%

It was during one of our weekly beer meetings back in June that we first started discussing the possibilities for a special Oktoberfest beer release. Our goal was to brew a classic, easy-drinking Bavarian beer style, but with an updated Bandit twist. Another factor we had to consider was to keep a low ABV, as this beer is to be served in Steins all throughout our Oktoberfest weekend celebration. It’s no secret that our brewers are passionate about working with new hops, so they immediately jumped on the opportunity to brew a new version of our Hoppelganger Pilsner, except this time exclusively using new varieties of German hops. The classic and expected feel and flavour of the Pilsner are still very much present, but these new hops add strong fruit aromas and a surprisingly refreshing bitterness that takes the beer in a completely different direction.

Keeping with tradition, past Bandit Oktoberfest beers like 2016’s Dunkles Bock and 2017’s Kolsch were brewed with Noble German hops like Hallertau and Saaz. These revered hops are known for their strong spicy aromas and very little bitterness, which make them ideal for crisp classic European beer styles. For our 2018 Oktoberfest, we decided to switch things up a bit by using only new German hops, which provide the beer with an unexpected and unique range of aromas. Hoppelhosen started out with a classic Lager yeast and we stuck to the classic Pilsner recipe as much as possible. The real twist came in the dry-hopping process, in which we used Mandarina Bavaria, Huell-Melon, and Hallertau Blanc. The very trendy Mandarina Bavaria hops, like the name suggests, bring forward notes of sweet mandarin. Huell Melon adds some notes of honeydew melon and strawberries, and Hallertau Blanc makes the beer burst with strong fruit aromas and sweet grape notes akin to a Sauvignon Blanc.

Hoppelhosen will be available as of Friday, September 28th during our Bandit Oktoberfest celebration in our bottle shop and on tap (in steins!).


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