The King of Tart: Introducing Wizard of Gose - Lime (4.2%)

Gose style beers have been one of our favourite beers to brew since our very first Summer in business. What started out with our staple Wizard of Gose - Apricot has slowly evolved into a full series. In the past, we’ve always chosen fruit variations with the hopes to round up and slightly sweeten the innately salty and sour beer, so stone fruits like apricot were an ideal addition. A few weeks ago we introduced a blood orange version, which while remaining relatively sweet, took the sourness level up a notch. This weekend we’re planning to raise the tartness to 100 with the release of our new Wizard of Gose - Lime.

The brewing process for this beer is not too different from our other Gose recipes. We’re using the same yeast and delicately bittering it with Perle hops, which provide the beer with a just a bit of spice. The beer is then kettle soured with our house strain of lactobacillus. The lime juice is added to the beer after the fermentation process is complete, resulting in an intense citrus aroma and flavour. The sea salt addition, characteristic to the style, helps to round out the excess acidity and keeps you wanting more.

Wizard of Gose - Lime, is now available on tap and in our bottle shop.

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