Bonjour, Ananas: Introducing YY*→SJO (Pineapple Vanilla Milkshake IPA, 6%)

One of our favourite things this Summer has been to come up with new versions of our popular, ever-changing, travel-inspired series of Milkshake IPAs. Since the series introduction in late Spring, we’ve seen a wide array of ingredients used in our brewery, from mango to chocolate, all chosen with the hopes that they will evoke memories of places that we’ve loved visiting in the past or spots that we are in dire need to explore. As Summer slowly begins to fade, we’ve decided to go out with a bang and finally try out a version that has been in our minds for a few months now. We’re thrilled to announce that this week we’re heading a bit south, Costa Rica to be precise, with the introduction of our new YY*→SJO, a smooth Milkshake IPA with a hefty addition of pineapple and vanilla.

For this beer we decided to go in an entirely tropical direction, so we opted for El Dorado hops, which really accentuate the pineapple flavours and even add a hint of mango to the beer. The addition of lactose and vanilla really help to round up this beer and provide it with a light sweetness that compliments the pineapple flavour perfectly, resulting in a full-flavoured, juicy beer with a solid body.

YY*→ SJO will be available on tap and in our bottle shop on Wednesday, August 29th, giving you enough time to plan ahead for the last long weekend of Summer 2018.

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