A Bi-Coastal Bandit: Introducing Dundas East Coast IPA, 6.5%

Always the ones looking to try something new and different, our team of brewers love nothing more than a challenge. Our Dundas West Coast IPA (6.5%) has been a staple at Bandit since its introduction in 2016, and it has virtually remained untouched as we’re very happy with our version of one of our very favourite beer styles, the West Coast IPA, known for its clean bitterness and citrus-forward character. Since then, we’ve introduced another one of our favourite beers, Juicebox (5.5%), a dual-hop New England Pale Ale that ditches the bitterness of the West Coast style for a smooth, hazy roundness bursting with “juicy” tropical flavours. Well, we’re happy to say that this week we’re going bi-coastal with the introduction of a new beer that manages to take our favourite characteristics of both West Coast and New England styles, resulting in a smooth, yet bitter, new beer: Dundas East Coast IPA (6.5%).

For this beer, we decided to use the exact recipe that we use to brew Dundas West Coast IPA, but in an East Coast style, demonstrating how relatively small changes in brewing can drastically affect the final product. Our new Dundas East Coast IPA incorporated the same malts (with a slight addition of unmalted grains), hop quantities and variety, and hopping/dry-hopping schedules as its West Coast counterpart. The real difference is in the water profile and the yeast strain.

While still formally considered a New England Pale Ale, Dundas East Coast IPA pushes forward a bitterness that is nowhere to be found in our Juicebox (NEPA). Unlike Juicebox, the aromas in this new beer are more citric since we opted to forgo the usual tropical hops (Galaxy, Idaho 7, El Dorado, Ekuanot) for hops that are more commonly used in West Coast IPAs (Citra, Amarillo, and Simcoe). Unlike our Dundas West Coast IPA, this beer is much hazier, juicier, and silkier; all while retaining the bitterness we’ve come to expect from West Coast styles.

Dundas East Coast IPA is best enjoyed on its own, or paired with spicy foods, which don’t usually pair so well with bitter West Coast IPAs.

Dundas East Coast IPA is now available on tap and in our bottle shop.

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