Wizard à l’Orange: Introducing Wizard of Gose Blood Orange (4.2%)

Our apricot Wizard of Gose has been a Bandit staple since its release in the Summer of 2016. We've got a ton of love for this beer, which is why it has remained as one of the three staples that we keep practically unchanged year-round. Gose beers are a passion of ours; its characteristic sour and slightly salty flavour is one that allows for some unique and surprising results when combined with fruit. Yes, we find apricot to be the perfect addition, but that doesn’t mean that once in a while we try something different and unexpected. A blood orange version has been in the works for a few months now, and we’re finally making it a reality this weekend with the introduction of Wizard of Gose Blood Orange.

One of the main reasons why we chose blood orange for this version is due to its innately sweet flavour, much sweeter than regular oranges, which helps round out the tartness and sourness of the Gose, resulting in a perfect balance of acidity, citrus, and sweetness. We avoided doing many modifications on the ingredients in order to keep the sourness and saltiness that is expected of the beer.

This new version of Wizard of Gose leaves behind the stone fruit aromas and sweetness of apricot and takes the beer style into a more citrus-forward direction, raising the volume on the tartness. With its refreshing and crushable characteristics and a low ABV it makes for a perfect beer to enjoy in the August heat and, most importantly, in good company.

Wizard of Gose Apricot will be available on Friday, August 10th on tap in our brewpub and in our bottle shop.

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