A Touch of Pink: Introducing a brand new Mr. Pink (Strawberry Hibiscus Pale Ale, 5%)

If there’s one thing that defines us as a brewery is our penchant for constant change and innovation. Other than our three year-round staples (Dundas West Coast IPA, Wizard of Gose, and Hoppelganger), most of our beers experience some significant alteration from batch to batch. Our brewing team is always up for the challenge of switching up hops, fruit additions, or malt base, while remaining true to the initial idea and plan we had for each specific beer. We enjoy the brewing process and cherish the opportunities to switch things up in order to keep ourselves and our customers excited in new product.

Since it’s introduction in the Summer of 2017, Bandit favourite Mr. Pink has gone through a few changes. What started out as a Hibiscus & Ginger Pale Ale has evolved to accommodate other flavourful additions like lychee and prickly pear. Our newest version is as refreshing and, well, pink as ever, but this time a very berry-forward character is the main force behind it. With our brewer Horacio at the helm, we are pleased to introduce Mr. Pink, a strawberry and hibiscus Pale Ale that is perfectly timed for a mid-heatwave release (not really, but great timing, huh?).

For this new version we decided to go for a full-berry flavour, so a few changes were made to the yeast and hop components. We used Vermont yeast for the mash, as it helps to provide the beer with more fruity esters and a slight hint of citrus, which really comes across in this Summer sipper. This time around we went with Belma hops, as it helps to accentuate the sweet strawberry aromas.

This latest version of Mr. Pink is now available in the Bandit Bottle Shop, as well as in our brewpub.

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