The Beach is Back: The Return of The Hassel-Hef (Passionfruit Hefeweizen, 5.2%)

Inspired by our everyone’s favourite lifeguard, our Hefeweizen has been a staple beer during our last two patio seasons (and has been known to save one or two lives in mid-summer temperatures, just like The Hoff). It is only appropriate then that this Bandit favourite is making its return this week, just as we prepare to officially kick-off Summer 2018. This time around though, The Hef is heading south of the Equator and adding a splash of Brazilian flair.

Some of you may recall reading about our brewer Horacio over a year ago, when he was at the helm of the first version of Mr. Pink (Ginger and Hibiscus Pale Ale). Horacio is an excellent and innovative brewer from Brazil, and during his time at Bandit Brewery he managed to infuse our beers with a bit of Carioca flavour by using ingredients that he would commonly use back home when brewing. After a year’s hiatus of him returning home, we’re very happy to announce that he’s back with us and bringing more inspiration to our team. Since his return last month he took it upon himself to develop something new for us, and since it’s that time of the year when wheat beers taste best, he decided to give it a slight tropical twist with the addition of passionfruit. But why passionfruit, you may ask. Not only is the fruit very common in Brazil, and a flavour that he has a personal attachment to, but he was also known back home for winning a home-brew competition with a beer similar to this.

The base of the beer is basically the same as our regular Hef, with Pilsner and (lots of) wheat malts, plus a bit of Munich malt to provide a slight “bready" sweetness. Continuing on the classic Bavarian tradition of Hefeweizens, our team used German “noble” hops such as Saaz and Tettnanger for this beer. Both hops work beautifully in this beer as they’re quite mild and a bit spicy.

We are really pleased with how this Passionfruit Hassel-Hef turned out: a refreshing update on one of our favourite classics styles. The passionfruit provides a fruity sourness, but doesn’t overpower the expected and desired characteristics of a classic wheat beer, as the clove aroma distinctly comes through.

Passionfruit Hassel-Hef is now available on tap in our brewpub and in our bottle shop.

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