Sweet, Spice, and Everything Nice: Introducing YY*→MEX (Mango Habanero Milkshake IPA)

If you’ve ever walked around a street market in a Mexican city, you’ve most likely noticed the small vending carts filled with the most brightly coloured fruits, which are usually served in a small bag with some lime and a hefty addition of spice (usually Tajin chili lime seasoning, a Mexican condiment that has developed a cult following around the world). In the last few years, you can even spot the influence of these Mexican snacks in new pop-ups around Venice Beach and in several parks in Chicago. The fleshiness and sweetness of the mango are contrasted with the sourness and heat from the lime and the chill powder, making it the ideal hot summer day treat. We’ve been quite inspired by Mexico in recent months and we’ve really enjoyed experimenting with different chili peppers in some of our recent brews, so making a new Milkshake IPA inspired by this delightful treat made a lot of sense for us. We’re very excited to introduce the latest beer in our travel- inspired series: YY*→MEX (Mango Habanero Milkshake IPA, 5.9%).

While the brewing process was quite similar to our other Milkshake IPAs, there were a few challenges that were very specific to this beer. Our initial plan was to stick with the Tajin chili seasoning addition. Two days of testing and tasting later, we realized that the Tajin added way too much salt and lime to the beer, while the slight heat wasn’t coming across. Most importantly, a Milkshake IPA with red-tinged seasoning in it doesn’t look appetizing (at all, actually). We’ve recently brewed beers with habanero and guajillo peppers, and really loved the way the oils in the habanero came through, so habanero was our choice. While it breaks away from some elements of the traditional snack, it is more akin to the way some people snack on mangos in the Yucatan Peninsula, with thin slices of habanero on the side and a bit of salt. The slight lactose addition works beautifully with the chili, as it rounds the flavour at the end and provides an unexpected smoothness.

The end result? A smooth and vibrant beer that, while delivering all the juiciness one expects from ripe mangos, manages to surprise the palate at the end with the lasting spice, fruitiness, and citrusy flavours of habanero peppers. A complete delight!

YY*→MEX is now available on tap in our brewpub and in our bottle shop.

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