Hold The Fruit: Introducing Blanc (Dry-Hopped Sour, 5.5%)

We’ve never been shy about our brazen love for sour beers. Our first time brewing a sour was very soon after our opening in 2016 when we introduced our Wizard of Gose (Apricot Sour, 4.2%), a beer that quickly became one of our year-round staple beers and a favourite with our guests. Since then, we’ve continued releasing some funky and unique sour beers (does anyone recall that extra spicy South Indian Sour Saison from Cask Days 2017?) and variations on our Gose series (Kumquat, Prickly Pear…), but shockingly enough we’ve never done a straight-up sour without a fruit addition. Well, things are about to change this weekend with the introduction of our very first dry-hopped sour, Blanc (5.5%).

“This time around we wanted to stick to simplicity and try a sour beer that relied solely on the hop variation to give it a fruity, citrus taste without the use of any fruit addition,” says Benoit Brame, the brewer at the helm of this brand new beer.

This easy-drinking and pleasantly tart new beer went through a brewing process similar to how we brew our Gose, starting out with an overnight kettle sour of the mash, a technique that allows for a fast fermentation in order to best manage the sourness of the beer. This requires our team to come in extra early the next morning to measure the PH in the beer, which is followed by the boiling process. A key difference between this new sour and our Gose is the use of a different strain of lactobacillus. The malt base was also switched around, this time using pilsner malt, wheat, and oats for the grain base. After much experimentation, we decided to go with Citra and Cascade hops to provide the beer with its distinct lemony flavour, and we finished the process with a dry-hop using Amarillo hops, which give the beer a floral and citrus aroma.

With its strong aromas of lemon, mandarin, and white grapes, and drinking akin to a Chardonnay, Blanc is the ideal Summer refresher (and one that pairs wonderfully with our ceviche!).

Blanc (Dry-Hopped Sour, 5.5%) is now available on tap in our brewpub and in our bottle shop.

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