From Beer to Eternity: Introducing YY*→KOA (Mango Nectarine Milkshake IPA)

It seems like it was ages ago when we initially ventured into milkshake beer territory with the release of Hawai’ipa. It was really only back in February (Winter has a way of making time go by very slowly), but since then, that first Mango Raspberry Milkshake IPA has developed into a fully formed beer series inspired by our team’s travels and everyday wanderlust. With this brand new release, we revisit Hawaii for inspiration, Big Island to be specific, but this time around we’ve switched up the raspberries for juicy nectarines. We are thrilled then to introduce YY*→KOA (Mango + Nectarine Milkshake IPA, 6.6%), a beer that is the very definition of “crushable.”

While brewing this beer we decided to readjust the quantities of lactose and oats in order to make this beer even creamier and more smooth than our past Milkshake IPAs. One of the challenges when brewing such a fruit-forward beer is to find the right balance in flavours and aromas, so a hefty amount of Perle hops were used for bittering. For the dry-hopping element, we went with Mosaic and Citra hops. Mosaic hops are known for their strong piney and tropical aromas (peach, pineapple…), while Citra hops give the beer its citrus aromas that work beautifully with the nectarine addition. These hops combined also provide the beer with a bit of spice and earthiness, avoiding ending up with an overly sweet creamy beer.

YY*→KOA is a refreshing, easy to drink (especially when compared to our first milkshake IPAs, which keyed at almost 8% ABV), yet complex beer that is sure to be a highlight of this long weekend.

YY*→KOA is now available on tap in our brewpub and in our bottleshop.

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