Super-Size It: Introducing Quad Goals Bourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian Quad

One of the many joys of looking back at our past two (!!!) years is to see how far we’ve come. Not only has our beer list grown substantially since May 2016, but we’ve also really ventured off the beaten path to create ambitious and unique beer styles to satisfy our constant thirst for something new and exciting. Our barrel program started out with only two wine barrels, and since then we’ve added almost a dozen more, which has allowed us to create some extra-special beers such as our Hibernator 2017 (Brett Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Blend) and Mamba (Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout). This weekend, as we celebrate our second anniversary, we thought it the ideal time to release something we’ve been working on for a long time: Quad Goals, a Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian Quad that, at 11.2% ABV, is sure to make you feel as celebratory as we are.

Since most of our past barrel-aged beers have been variations of dark beers with a Brett addition, we figured out that a Belgian Quad was the way to go. We are big fans of the style and love the maltiness and dark fruit characteristics that it is known for. It was in early August 2017 that we started brewing this beer with a Belgian Strong Ale Yeast. Since then, we aged the beer in Bourbon barrels for 6 months, which added strong fruit and spice flavours to round up the "bigness" of the beer. 

A limited number of bottles (200) of Quad Goals will be available exclusively in our Bottle Shop on Friday, May 4th during our #BanditTurns2 celebration. There will be a limit of 8 bottles max. per person.

Keep in mind that these 330 ml. bottles have been bottle conditioned, so feel free to allow for the beer to age a tad more; it only gets better with time!

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