Let’s Take it Outside: Introducing Bandit’s Patio Season Menu

We’ve spent the last six months comfortably bundled up inside, enjoying rich barrel-aged Stouts, feasting on countless charcuterie platters, and dipping warm bread in oozy Welsh Rarebit. It’s pretty much our yearly Canadian ritual of making the best out of the often frightful weather (the old lemons = lemonade adage/ survival tactic). Well, it’s time to ditch the parkas and start dreaming of endless balmy days patio-hopping with friends and tasting every single available sour beer in the city.

Inspired by our almost idyllic notion of Summer, Bandit chef Daniel Sousa has given our menu an overhaul (don’t worry, the cheese curds stay) with bright and inventive new dishes featuring an array of fresh and wholesome ingredients. “With warmer weather slowly encroaching, I wanted to create simple, yet original, new dishes that reflected the incredibly friendly, laid back vibe that is so unique to our patio in the Summer,” Daniel tells us.

Since Patio Season more than doubles our capacity, it’s necessary for us to create a smaller, tighter menu that we would have during the Winter months, and yet, every new offering was crafted with thoughtfulness and creativity. Some of the new dishes are inspired by nostalgia, like Daniels’ take on his grandfather’s recipe for Panzanella: “I grew up making this salad with stale bread and fresh tomatoes from our garden, so I wanted to share with our guests my own elevated take on this Southern Italian classic,” Daniel adds. Other dishes, such as our new Pulled “Pork” sandwich, take the original idea for this southern dish and turn it on its head by substituting the meat with sweet and spicy BBQ’d jackfruit topped up with a hefty addition of coleslaw and Alabama white BBQ sauce. Another element that Daniel kept in mind while developing this new menu was our ever-changing rotational beer list, especially as we transition into lighter, fresher, often fruitier beers for the Summertime.

Some of the highlights of our new Patio Season Menu include:


figs, halloumi, watercress, pistachios, radicchio, baby lettuce



Ontario heirloom tomatoes, pea basil pesto, pickled red onion, burrata, sourdough croutons



red snapper, scallops, pickled pineapple, coconut tiger’s milk, cilantro, taro root chips



jackfruit pulled “pork”, coleslaw, Alabama white BBQ sauce, kettle chips

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