Don’t Pick the Prickly Pear by the Paw: Introducing Wizard of Gose - Prickly Pear (4.2%)

As you’re probably well aware of by now, Gose <Goes-uh> is one of our very favourite styles to brew. Our Wizard of Gose (Apricot Gose) became a Bandit staple before we were even finished the initial batch of it, you can say it was love at first sip. Since then, we’ve ventured off the apricot path and experimented with other different fruits and flavours, such as the so-tart-your-face-hurts Kumquat Gose we brewed last November. We’ve spent the last few months scratching our heads and brainstorming (if that’s what you can call our very passionate discussions) on what fruit would fit this unique, salty, extra sour beer style. After much pondering, we came to the conclusion that we wanted an ingredient just as rare and unique as the beer itself, something juicy and pleasant, yet with a dangerous edge. We’re thrilled to introduce to you our newest version of Wizard of Gose, this time featuring an addition of prickly pear, a festive electric pink beer that packs a punch of well-balanced sweet and sour flavours and aromas.

The prickly pear cactus fruit, often referred to as “tuna”, is a refreshing fruit that is quite popular in the southern states of Mexico, especially in Oaxaca. While other parts of the cactus are traditionally used for delicious “nopales” tacos or as part of a salad, the fruit only grows once a year, which makes it a true delicacy. Making it even more appealing and mysterious is the fact that you have to slice off the dangerous sharp needle-like spines before you can get to the real sweet stuff. The fruit itself has a beautiful and complex flavour that borderlines between bubble-gum and melon with bright berry aromas, all characteristics that truly compliment the salty and sour profile that Gose beers are known for.

The brewing process itself was quite similar to the one we’ve used for our other Gose beers, with the base remaining the same.  The biggest challenge with this beer was finding suppliers of the fruit itself, which you can imagine is much harder than trying to find apricots.

This electrifying variant of The Wizard of Gose has aromas of watermelon, berry, and candied fruit. The prickly pear added to this variant gives it its vibrant color and refreshing tartness.

As we head into balmier weather and endless patio days you can expect some new variations on this favourite style of ours.

Wizard of Gose- Prickly Pear is available now on tap in our brewhouse and in our bottleshop.

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