California Screamin’: Introducing YY*→LAX (Strawberry Vanilla Milkshake IPA, 7.5%)

While paying tribute to the most classic diner milkshake variation, we wanted to make sure that our take on it still remained true to what our taste buds prefer: a spicy, bitter and dry finish to round up the beer’s innate sweetness. In order to achieve this, we resorted to a variety of hops: Perle, Citra, and Mosaic for bitterness; Ekuanot and Denali for dry-hopping aromatics. These last two hops add a hint of tropical notes, adding some complexity in order to avoid creating a basic “Strawberry Shortcake” biscuit-like character. The contrast between these New Zealand hops and the vanilla addition creates the perfect juxtaposition of flavours (and a full party for your tastebuds!).

While the brewing process for this beer is similar to other past Bandit beers, such as our recent Hawai’ipa, it had challenges of its own: “The most difficult thing about brewing this specific Milkshake beer was during the mash process,” Bandit brewer Benoit Brame tells us. “It can get so thick that we need to sometimes stir manually, the mash paddle isn’t strong enough to complete the job, but at least I got a great arm workout from it” he adds, proudly.

With frigid temperatures still tormenting us in mid-March, all we can think about is taking a leisurely flight towards warm and sunny destinations. This month we introduce the first in our ZZY→… series, a selection of beers inspired by some of our very favourite locales and travel destinations. The first in our series, ZZY→LAX, is our sweet, yet dry, take on the ubiquitous Milkshake IPA; this time inspired by a mix of California surfer culture and 1950’s classic Americana kitsch (think Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon’s beach movies).

ZZY→LAX has fruity strawberry flavours with a smooth and juicy body, a hint of vanilla, a round lactose sweetness, and a punch of exotic tropical hop aromas.

ZZY→LAX is available this Friday, March 16 on tap in our brewpub and in our Bottle Shop.

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