Aloha ‘Oe: Introducing Hawai'ipa (Raspberry Mango Milkshake IPA)

Before any batch of beer is produced at Bandit Brewery, we revisit our motto from day 1: “We make the beer that we want to drink!” This can prove a bit of a challenge at times since every member of the brewery team has very specific and sometimes opposing views on what makes a great beer. From the beginning we knew that dessert beers were not particularly something that we were interested in doing, so we’ve been cautious when navigating the world of milkshake beers. Our only two beers in this style (a Calamansi Milkshake IPA for Cask Days 2017 and a Milkshake Hefeweizen) were both done in very small batches as a way to test the waters. This week, the newest addition to our brewery team, Benoit Brame, gets to introduce his first recipe to the Bandit beer lineup: Hawai’ipa, a mango and raspberry milkshake IPA (7%).

The idea behind this beer was to mix to contrasting flavours to the palate: the tropical sweetness of mangos, which is rounded up by the addition of lactose, and the tart bitterness of raspberries and hops.

The brewing method is quite similar to our other IPAs (Cone Ranger IPA and Dundas West Coast IPA). As always, it all begins with the mash, which has a high content of oats. After the initial boil and primary fermentation is done and the sugars from the grains have been used up, we’ve added lactose to give the beer its smooth character. The fruit was added soon after that straight into the fermentor and then we allowed it to chew up the fruit sugars (fructose, glucose, etc.) for about a week, releasing the aromatic compounds that will make this beer unique. A hefty addition of Citra and Mosaic hops were used to bitter the beer. Finally, for the dry-hopping part that gives the beer its particular IPA qualities, we used Australian Vic Secret and Enigma hops. This last step is essential in order to avoid having an overly sweet beer. The result is a juicy, yet dry and bitter IPA. 

Hawai’ipa is available this Wednesday, February 14th at 5 pm on tap and in our bottle shop

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