Like a Snake in your Boot: Introducing Mamba Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

So here we are, in the dead of winter and in dire need of something strong to shake us out of our January malaise. Well, look no further, as this weekend we release what is our biggest beer to date: Mamba - a Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout clocking in at 11.3%! The name itself is inspired by the infamous sub-Saharan snake, the black mamba; a creature known for its highly venomous qualities that can bring a human down in less than 45 minutes (don't worry, we’ll be serving this in a small size Imperial beer glass).

Originally slated to be part of our annual winter blend release, Hibernator, this beer proved to be too exceptional to blend, so we allowed it to age a bit longer by itself. By the time of its release, Mamba will have been aging for exactly one year.

The brewing process started out with a base very similar to our popular Night Mist (Imperial Stout, 8.5%), and then turning up the hops, malts, and alcohol. By allowing it to take its time in the barrels, the beer slowly absorbed some of the oak and vanilla characters that balanced out its high alcohol content, resulting in a smooth, well-rounded, warm beer with a punch of coffee and vanilla notes. The long aging process in French oak wine barrels also helped the beer dry out considerably.

Mamba is available as of 5 pm on Friday, January 12th in both our Bottle Shop and our brewpub.

* tip from the brewers: Mamba is best enjoyed at cellar temperature (5°- 8° C) and shared with another person.

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