Bandit Brewery's Top Songs of 2017

We can proudly say that nearly every single member of our Bandit family is a complete music fanatic. Music fills Bandit Brewery at every single moment of the day, either when brewing in the mornings or when pouring beers for friends in the evenings and weekends. With a team whose music taste ranges from ATCQ to Julio Iglesias, and with so much inspired music coming out in 2017, it's a challenge to find the right balance of what to play, and yet these polar opposite influences make for an even richer and funkier playlist. A few of our guests have been asking for a while now that we share a curated Bandit playlist, and yet we've decided to put it all out there. Unedited. Raw. Unfiltered. We didn't even try to get rid of some of our more embarrassing choices (we're relieved that Despacito didn't make the mix TBH). We're giving you the truth, our truth, so pour yourself a pint of your favourite Bandit beer, sit back, relax, and let the music play.


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