As “Crushable” as a Juice Box: Introducing Bandit’s Juicebox Northeastern Pale Ale

As one of our opening day beers, Cone Ranger IPA became our initial staple of the ubiquitous style. As we continued to develop new recipes and introduce more variety to our menu we added another solid beer to our list of staples: Dundas West Coast IPA, a much drier, aromatic, and “bitter” alternative. Well, now it’s our time to turn our focus to the East Coast with a beer style that’s reminiscent of the autumnal Vermont fog. The newest member of the Bandit family, Juicebox (5.7%), is a soft and juicy Northeastern style Pale Ale exploding with tropical fruit aromas and flavours. All in all, a perfect alternative for those who love the "hoppiness" of a West Coast style IPA but who prefer to hold out on some of its bitter finish.

Northeastern Pale Ales, unlike their IPA counterparts, are known to be hazy, low in bitterness, and very “round” or “juicy”, like biting into an overripe fruit. Brewing this style requires a sizeable quantity of unmalted grains, as well as a variety of hops to bring forward notes of tropical fruit and citrus. In this case, we chose to work with Eukanot and Motueka. Ekuanot hops are known for their extremely aromatic qualities, which due to their high oil content tend to bring forward notes of papaya, melon, and citrus. Motueka hops have recently become one of our favourite hops to work with, as we did in the New Zealand version of our Farmed & Dangerous Saison (more on that here). This hop variety adds a lively punch of citrus to beer that lingers in the palate and gives it a bright, sweet finish.

For the most part, Northeastern style Pale Ales are commonly brewed using Mosaic hops, but in the case of our new Juicebox, we opted to switch the hops for something slightly different and more unique. As our brewer Stephane tells us: “I’ve always been a fan of beers that lean more towards tropical flavours like lychee, so we knew that Motueka and Ekuanot would be the ideal hops for brewing Juicebox.” This particular beer style has a lot of room for a juicy flavour palette, so going for bold flavours was a clear choice from the beginning.

It’s fair to say that after your very first sip of this Northeastern Pale Ale you will immediately be looking forward to the next; just like a child sipping out of their juice box during recess.

Bandit’s Juicebox Northeastern Pale Ale is not available on tap and in our Bottle Shop.

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