Sour News: Introducing Bandit's Wizard of Gose - Kumquat

Since the introduction of Bandit’s Wizard of Gose (Apricot Gose, 4.2%) over a year ago, we have gone through an exorbitant amount of apricots in order to keep up with demand and to keep our thirsty customers satisfied. Its combination of sweet, tart and salt has built quite a loyal following. Our love for the style has kept our brewery team exploring new possibilities and tinkering with recipes and ingredients for the last year, so we’re thrilled to announce the release of our Wizard of Gose - Kumquat. 

Although it has experienced a resurgence in past years, Gose was pretty much a thing of mythology for decades. With roots that date back to the early 1600s in the small German town of Gosler (hence the name), it’s a beer that relied on spontaneous fermentation to achieve its distinct sourness. As brewing practices became more refined, brewers realized that they could use lactic acid bacteria and yeast to accomplish the same results while having more control over the process. Our original Wizard of Gose’s recipe involves an addition of lactic acid bacteria to bring the sourness forward. Our new Kumquat version's recipe doesn’t stray too far from our original recipe, although working with Kumquats brings a new series of challenges to our team. “Working with kumquats can be slightly more tedious than apricots or other stone fruit. De-seeding and pureeing them is a lengthy process and the pith has a habit of separating from the puree, making it difficult to work with,” Bandit brewer Ben Morris tells us, all while rolling his eyes at a lone kumquat sitting on the bar.

When asked about the reason why Kumquat was chosen as our new Gose release, Ben shares: “Despite that brief period of scorching heat at the end of September it's going to be a long and slow crawl to spring. The kumquat is something that screams summer and warmth and we figured it was the best way to have some fun with a staple beer and go into the dark months with a final splash of summer.”  With other recent additions such as the NZ dry-hopped Farmed & Dangerous Saison, we wanted to add a hint of tropical coolness to our beer list at the same time as we introduce heavier winter beers such as our Metamorphoses Imperial Rye and our upcoming barrel-aged beer releases.

So what can we expect from our new Wizard of Gose - Kumquat, you ask? For starters, a bigger burst of intensity and sourness than its apricot counterpart. This new Gose contains a citric acid component that our apricot version lacks, and while it helps to soften the acidity it also makes it linger on the palate.

This is just the first variation on our Wizard of Gose, and you can expect other exciting releases in the coming months.

Wizard of Gose- Kumquat (4.2%) is available this Friday on tap and in our bottle shop.

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