NZ Farmed & Dangerous: A Hint of the Tropics

As one of our Opening Day beers, our Farmed & Dangerous Saison has been one of the beers we’ve enjoyed tinkering and experimenting with the most. You’ve seen an array of different Saison versions from us in the past; some with a variety of Brett strains (wild yeast) and a change in Saccharomyces, but this time around we decided to try something totally new (for us) and unexpected. Our new Double Dry- hopped New Zealand version of Farmed & Dangerous (5.8% ABV) is sure to blow your mind off with a hint of the tropics.

This variation of a classic Belgian Saison has been heavily dry-hopped using hops exclusively from New Zealand; Pacifica and Motueka hops to be specific. Pacifica hops are known for their “orange zest” character and are usually used to bitter styles such as lagers and pale ales. Motueka hops are regularly seen in a wide array of beer styles, from Pilsners to Saisons, and are known to impart a tropical fruit and lime character to the beer. Combined together they bring something completely new to our Farmed & Dangerous. Highlighting the hops is not usually something you want with a Saison, which only made us want to do this even more (we’re pretty sacrilegious like that!) and kept the brewing process fun and interesting.

With notes of the Pacific, a pungent touch of lime and tropical fruit, and a delicate floral background, we are thrilled to introduce this extremely “crushable” beer during this winter’s first snowfall. Everyone can use a bit of tropical wanderlust just about now!

Our NZ Farmed & Dangerous is available now on tap at our brewpub and in our bottle shop.

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