Introducing: Lambicus Farmed & Dangerous

As we announced a few weeks back, our fall lineup promises the return of some old favourites, the introduction of new seasonal styles, and a distinct variety of some of our staple beers. We’re thrilled to welcome our first Fall 2017 release to our brewpub and bottleshop: a brand new Lambicus version of our Farmed & Dangerous Saison, one of our original beers since opening day.

While we’ve released a few brett beers in the past, such as our Brett Bretterson and Brett or Alive, this new beer remains close to our original Saison recipe; all that’s altered is its yeast content. Just like we often vary the hops used in our 8 Days a Week (Session Ale) series to highlight each individual hop, we hope to do something similar with our Farmed & Dangerous, but instead altering its yeast strain. By exposing the beer to a wild yeast strain and bacteria that aren’t as controlled, its characteristics mutate and create something quite different and unique.

Stephane, the Bandit brewer at the helm of this beer, took inspiration from some of the Belgian beers that influenced his taste in beer while growing up in France. “Yeast is the most interesting ingredient in any Belgian- style Saison, so it only makes sense to have some fun and experiment with different types of it,” he tells us.

Our Farmed & Dangerous is brewed exclusively with saccharomyces cervisiae, what is considered to be the “regular yeast”, which provides a clean and spicy flavour. Adding Brett Lambicus (Brettanomyces Lambicus), a brett yeast strain with intense barnyard and smokey flavours, brings another dimension and depth to this beer, making it earthier, leathery and slightly fruity. Some might even say its “funky” or “dirty”, and they would be completely right!

Our new Lambicus Farmed & Dangerous is now available both on tap and in our bottleshop this Friday, October 20th.

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