Bandit Banter: Meet Brewer Stephane Dubois

As we continue to bring you closer to our brewing process and philosophy, we find that the best way to do this is by simply grabbing a pint with a member of our brewing team and asking them the hard-hitting questions (jk- we’re just chatting beer). This week we sit down for a few minutes with Stephane Dubois, Bandit Brewery’s owner and brewer, to talk about his personal views on beer and beer-making.

What’s the first Craft Beer you ever tried?

A black IPA on a boat in Chicago. Very bitter with strong exotic fruit flavour; delicious!

What’s your favourite hop to work with?

Definitely Amarillo!

What’s your favourite style of beer?

Depends on the time, but IPA is a constant. I think it’s always the first beer I order anywhere.

Do you take home a lot of beer from work or do you like to try other excellent local beers while at home?

We tend to do quite a lot beer tasting at work, and I try to go visit other breweries as much as I can, so actually mostly drink wine at home.

What is your favourite food to pair with beer?

Probably good bread and artisanal cheese (what people call stinky cheese preferably), or just fries!

What is an ambitious beer you would like to make in the future?

Probably a blue beer.

If beer is not available (God forbid), whats your go-to drink of choice?

Definitely red wine. An earthy or peppery red wine, maybe from the Bordeaux region; that would probably be my go-to. Recently, I was very impressed by my visit to Hinterbrook winery, in the Niagara area. I fell in love with their Cabernet Franc!

In the coming months you'll get to meet the rest of the team, and hopefully, by getting to read their contrasting answers, you’ll get a better idea of what they’re bringing to the table together. It’s all about teamwork at Bandit Brewery!

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