Introducing: The Bandit Sit-Down Series

In our first year, we've enjoyed doing the occasional private beer-focused event, like our Oyster Stout session back in December of 2016. Our main priority for events like these is to make them feel as intimate and comfortable as possible to allow for a deep understanding of our beers and of the way our brewery operates. For this reason alone, the idea of having large brewery tours is something we’ve resisted, so we came up with a much better idea: a private tasting session conducted by one of our talented brewers. This month, we’re thrilled to introduce The Bandit Sit-Down Series, a relaxed journey through the beers and brewing process of Bandit Brewery. The best part? Very minimum walking! Our aim for these sessions is to keep them as informal and relaxed as possible, prioritizing enjoyment over having a simple beer lecture.

The Bandit Sit-Down Series will be helmed by a talented new addition to our brewery team, Benoit. Having grown up in Northern France initiated Benoit’s passion for beer. The proximity to Belgium exposed him to the fantastic beer styles the country is known for, especially Lambic and Trappist beers, although he still has a soft spot for a classic Saison. Funny enough, Stephane, Bandit owner and brewer, has a similar story regarding his introduction to beers due to his proximity with Belgium during his upbringing in France. This shared experience makes Benoit a fabulous addition to our Bandit Brewery team, as he perfectly understands the styles of beer we enjoy brewing in our facilities. The past three years that he's spent in Canada has exposed him to a completely different array of beer styles, giving him a well-rounded education and deeper appreciation for craft beer. A self-described “beer lover, taster, and maker”, Benoit has honed his skills with years of home-brewing. His love of beer has also led him to be a master of guided tastings, which he’s conducted for the last few years in and around the GTA.

The Bandit Sit-Down Series will take place in an exclusive space in the middle of our brewhouse and will include an in-depth tour of the Bandit facilities, a look behind our brewing process and inspirations, and a thorough guided tasting of six varied Bandit beers. Guests will get the chance to see how our beer recipes are designed and how some of our staple beers have evolved over time. When possible, they will also be invited to taste a new fermenting beer for the first time and will be invited to try one of our barrel-aged beers that are not yet available to the public. To accompany the experience guests will be provided with an assortment of charcuterie meats and cheeses; all in all, a pretty excellent evening!

Our goal is to keep the Series as a monthly event that will welcome both regular friendly faces and new guests that are looking for a well-crafted introduction to Bandit Brewery.

*All participants must be of legal drinking age.

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