Mem'ries of Bandit Oktoberfest 2017

1,400 pretzel buns, 400 sausages, 376 Steins. A week after the whirlwind weekend that was Bandit Oktoberfest 2017, we're finally able to sit down and look back at some of the great memories created by team Bandit and our wonderful guests. As our Therese Kolsch flowed freely and the jolly sounds of The Beer Barrel Music filled the room, we were delighted to see our original vision for Bandit Brewery, as a place that unites people through great beer, come together.  Seeing some of our regular patrons and new faces walking through our garage doors ready for the complete Bandit experience was a thrill to see.

A definite highlight of the weekend was being able to raise over $700.00 for the amazing people at Parkdale Project Read, a non-profit organization that we have worked with and supported in the past. Parkdale Project Read is a community-based literacy centre that delivers literacy and academic upgrading programs for adults of all ages. Their learner-centred programs build a range of literacy skills, knowledge, and competencies to support learners in their efforts to gain personal independence, expand their employment opportunities, and/or pursue further education. After team Bandit attended the Parkdale Project Read end-of-semester celebrations a few months back, we were able to experience first-hand the inspiring work they do and the positive effects that their work has on the community at large. We knew right then that our commitment to supporting their work is something we want to continue doing in future collaborations and initiatives, and Bandit Oktoberfest was the perfect opportunity for us to do so.

We would like to thank our entire Bandit staff for delivering such wonderful experiences throughout the weekend. Our brewery team outdid themselves with our two new German-style beers, Ludwig (Dark Lager) and Therese (Kolsch), helping us sell an impressive amount of Steins in order to raise funds for Parkdale Project Read. Our kitchen team braved the sun all day and provided us with a fantastic array of Oktoberfest treats (we've been craving our homemade sauerkraut all week). Our front of house staff got a workout in (those Steins are heavy, Y'all!) while making sure every one of our guests was taken good care of and delivered many laughs as they got into the true Oktoberfest spirit.

You can be certain that we'll be returning in full lederhosen next year for an even bigger Bandit Oktoberfest. Until then, we'll reminisce on the good times had and the great sense of community that was palpable throughout this fabulous weekend.


Our two Oktoberfest beers are still available in our brewpub and bottleshop for the time being.  A limited number of Bandit Steins especially made for the event are available in our bottle shop. 

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