A Sneak Peek of Bandit's Fall 2017 Lineup

With days getting shorter and nights getting cooler, it’s clear that we’re heading towards an early end of summer. In any case, this is never bad news for beer lovers, as Fall brings the promise of new, rich and sometimes experimental beers. In the words of Bandit’s brewer, Ben: “Weather and temperature greatly affect our taste buds and what we crave. It's not often that in a 30 degree, 100% humidity summer day you would crave a 10% ABV Imperial Stout. With the temperature slowly dropping we tend to shift towards maltier and fuller tasting beers to keep off the fall and winter chill.”

In our initial year, as our Hefeweizens and Session Ales went into hibernation mode, we saw the release of plenty of dark beers, such as Stouty McStoutface and Smoke on the Porter; two beers that instantly became part of our list of Bandit staples. One of our main challenges was the lack of time since we were just coming off our summer opening and there was not enough time to plan and execute all of the ambitious plans for Fall beers that we would have loved to do.The release of four (!!!!) Oktoberfest German classic beers is something we were very proud to accomplish, although these beers left us with very few taps to accommodate other beers in. Some of these recipes have since been tinkered with and improved and will be seeing the light of day in this year’s Fall beer lineup.

We asked Ben what styles we can expect to see more of this Fall at the brewery: “Definitively more brown or lighter Porters and some new Rye beers if time permits.” This type of variety in dark beers will allow us to introduce Porters and Stouts to drinkers who might usually stay away from them based on a perception that the beer will be too heavy and overpowering. Other exciting plans ahead include a selection of barrel-aged beers scheduled for October (some mention of a whiskey inspired barrel beer has got us really looking forward to sweater season).

Since our barrel capacity has grown in the last few months, we expect a varied selection of blends and Brett beers to join the lineup. Last year our few barrels were mostly filled with Imperial Stouts and a lone sour. As we encourage and empower each member of our brewery team to create their own unique barrel beer, we expect to see a wider assortment of beer styles across the board.

Our hope is that these Fall beers will serve as a smooth transition into the Winter months, in which we expect to see even richer beers such as our yearly December release, Hibernator 2017.

Stay tuned for more specific information and release dates as they will be announced in the next month.

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