A Mouthful (of Beer): Ahtanum, 8 Days a Week

“Ain't got nothin' but love babe, Eight days a week”

-The Beatles

While these lyrics were meant to illustrate The Fab Four’s deep love for a particular lady, they also depict the exact way our brewer Julian feels about beer. His deep love of the legendary Manchester natives have served as a sort of inspiration during his brewing endeavors and even led him to mastermind Bandit’s single hop Session Ale, named after his favourite Beatles song, 8 Days a Week.

We released the first version of this beer earlier in the year as a showcase for Julian’s favourite hop: Citra, which packed a big punch of plum and peach. The second version of 8 Days a Week used solely Amarillo hops, which delivered beachy aromas of key lime and kumquat while retaining a slight tartness to give it an all-around balance. Both have quickly become Bandit staples and as the August heat continues to rise we consider it the ideal time to release our third incarnation of this crisp and refreshing Session Ale, this time using Ahtanum hops.

Ahtanum hops originate in the USA and are known for their citrus and floral character, as well as their earthy notes, which make it an ideal hop for a single-hop beer like 8 Days a Week. “Ahtanum hops were completely new to me! They smelt great and seemed to fit the recipe well. These hops are mostly used for pale ales, IPAs and light lagers,” Julian tells us. The earthy and herbal characteristics make it stand out from Citra and Amarillo hops so you can expect this this version to be slightly different and more robust than the first two versions, while still keeping that subtle, lingering floral character.

The brewing process remained mostly the same as the initial two releases of 8 Days a Week. One of the few changes was that the hopping time was cut slightly shorter due to a lower alpha acid hop. Other than that, same recipe and same thought process behind it. The malt bill is entirely the same, which allows for the beer to keep true to this beer’s initial purpose: to showcase one single hop in a fairly clean and crisp way.

As for what future versions of 8 Days a Week might include, Julian shares with us: “We’ve been having such a blast brewing this beer and changing up the hopping on it! Future sessions hopefully will encompass the full spectrum of hop flavours. Stay tuned, folks!”

Ahtanum, 8 Days a Week will be available both on tap and in our bottleshop on Friday, August 4th at 5 pm.


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