Where Do Brewers Drink After Work? - Part 1

After a long day of brewing, tinkering with recipes, and looking at yeast cells through a microscope (it's not all fun and games) our dedicated brewers often find it essential to cap off the day with a beer or even, believe it or not, a cocktail! After their 5 pm Bandit pint, "quality control" we call it, they're often on the hunt for new, local or international beers and/or cocktails to try. More often than not, our front of house and kitchen staff go to them for recommendations on their favourite watering holes around town. After all, they have some level of authority on drinks, right? For our initial post on the subject, we sat down with Ben and Julian and asked them to give us all their tips on where to get the best vibes and superb spirits.


Grey Tiger http://www.greytiger.ca/ Pretty much my extended living room at this point. Ryan and Becky run a casual atmosphere with an immense selection of spirits and an especially wide selection of whiskeys. Ryan is a master bartender and the house cocktails and specials are made impeccably. Bonus, Becky does great coffee and snacks/treats, so there's really no need to ever leave.


The 47


Dimitri stocks the bar with an eclectic selection of Ontario and international craft beers. It verges on the impossible to find something plain to drink. The house food selection of small plates, all Mediterranean, are fantastic. House cocktails are also quite good.


Pour Boy


Casual, inexpensive and the food is pretty good. The current beer menu has a good mix of local and provincial craft beers either on draft or cans. It's the meeting spot for when I feel the need to leave my neighbourhood.



JULIAN (who apparently just LOVES live jazz)



The Emmet Ray


Not a large array of beers, but great food & service. The live jazz makes it a comfortable spot to wind down after a long day!



Get Well


When I'm feeling a bit more ambitious and want to try my luck at some classic arcade games, Get Well is my spot. They've got a good selection of craft beers, and their taps are always changing. Always a good time!




When I'm looking to dress up nicely and drink well, this tequila and mezcal watering hole on Ossington is my go to. It's a small joint but their margaritas are delicious and pack a punch. They've got live jazz on the weekends and a hip and comfortable back patio. It's especially great on Saturday nights.


Our brewers' diverse, eclectic and often contradictory drinking preferences guide our brewing philosophy, but apparently also serve as a pretty great guide on where to get great cocktails in the city, so stay tuned for to part-two of these series to come before the end of summer.





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