Some Like It Hot. Some Like It Dark.

When Brett Bretterson was released a few months back, we got a lot of love for the name, but we gotta give credit where credit's due, to the original Bandit goofy name - Stouty McStoutface. Stouty is not new to Bandit Brewery, it was first introduced a few months after our opening in 2016. This weekend it's making a midsummer comeback for all those who crave something a bit darker, yet light, for patio season.

This delightful American-style Stout is brewed with a bit of English influence in terms of malts and hops. It's a blend of good roast malt and cocoa aromas with a light enough body to make drinking it a pleasure.

So, what's in a name, you may ask.  When asked about it, our brewer Ben genuinely shares with us the details on how he came up with the name: "Honestly, desperation. When the first batch came out we only had the working name of "Dry Stout" on the menu. We decided to get a real name for it and despite picking our brains for two hours we couldn't come up with anything, so I quipped "Stouty McStoutface" and it won by default."

Ben is our go-to guy when it comes to dark beers. He takes great pride in his knowledge of the style and even looks like the exact type of guy who enjoys nothing more than a great Porter or Stout, in summer or winter. "Part of it was the west coast hop wars where everyone was trying to outdo each other in bitterness and I wanted something with a little less lupulin glands and a little more malt," Ben tells us.

Although we started out with two excellent dark beers, Smoke On The Porter and Night Mist, Ben felt that a more traditional Stout would fit in quite nicely in our beer lineup. Smoke has a very distinct taste that's a bit more intense, and Night Mist is a high ABV Imperial Stout, so a lighter Stout was a perfect addition to our beer list. Ben adds,"Stouty can be thought of either as Smoke without the smoke, or a regular strength Night Mist. There are some variations in the number of dark malts used in Stouty, since there are less of the other characters to balance it, such as the smoke malts and higher alcohol of Night Mist. The goal was to have something dark and a little more immediately approachable for customers who would shy away from a pint of Smoke On The Porter."

Stouty stays lower in alcohol, coming in right at 5%. The body is lighter in comparison to Smoke, and while the dark malt aromas come through quite a lot, overall, the stout is fairly easy to drink, making the ideal summer Stout.

"I know some people will shy away from a dark beer in 30-degreee weather, but for the Irish Stout fans, and those interested in trying a wider range of styles, I'm certain they'll enjoy the heck out of it," adds Ben.

Stouty McStoutface is available on tap and in our bottle shop as of this Friday afternoon.

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