A Game Changer: from Citra to Amarillo

When we first released our 8 Days A Week Session Ale we decided it would be a beer that would feature a single hop in order to truly showcase the innate, natural aromas of each individual hop. Our initial release featured Citra hops and immediately gained popularity amongst our regulars because of its tropical notes of papaya, pineapple, and tangerine. This week we're thrilled to introduce our second version of 8 Days A Week, this time featuring Amarillo hops. We sat down with Julian, the mastermind behind this beer, to discuss the changes in this new version. When the first 8 Days A Week was released Julian told us all about his deep love for Citra hops, so we were curious about what drove him to switch hops for this new summer version. "The hops were changed from Citra to Amarillo because I wanted to highlight another very unique hop. Although still within the same citrus family, Amarillo leans closer to fruits such as peach, apricot, and mango," he tells us.

JuIian's experience with Citra is vast, as it's been his go-to hop when home brewing and tinkering with recipes. His knowledge of Amarillo is also extensive: "I've brewed with Amarillo countless times before and in several Bandit beers, such as Cone Ranger. The results are never disappointing. It's a great all-around hop, so picking it for a single hopped beer was a no-brainer!"

Single hopped beers are unique in the way they allow a real showcase of the hop being profiled. They're also a great way for new beer drinkers starting to familiarize themselves with the craft beer world to taste all the qualities of the specific hop and understand how it impacts the flavour and aromatic qualities of the beer. One of the challenges in brewing this beer style is picking a malt base that will provide enough body but not interfere with the hops, while re-enforcing hop flavour and adding mouth feel.

So what does Julian and the rest of our brewing team have in mind for future versions of 8 Days A Week? "I'd like to brew this beer with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Sorachi Ace and Challenger hops. You gotta switch it up and have fun with it along the way!" Julian adds.

This great patio beer is light enough that you can drink it completely by itself (rain or shine because WHAT A SUMMER) or paired with anything coming off your BBQ this Canada Day: hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, steak, grilled veggies, all of it!  Its smoothness and simplicity will help add flavour to the meal of your choice.

Amarillo, 8 Days A Week Session Ale is available as of Friday, June 30th on tap and in our bottleshop.


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