You've got a friend in Brett Bretterson

In our short, yet action-packed first year we've been able to craft one barrel aged brett beer (it takes time y'all!), our Hibernator 2016. In our quest to continue to experiment with this type of beer we've embraced the different and unexpected routes that working with Brettanomyces can bring. Brettanomyces is a wild type of yeast that produces "funky" and complex flavours in beer. It is considered a spoilage in winemaking as it brings forward an undesirable character that makes its way into the barrels. When working with beer, it's a completely different story. Brett can bring forward exciting notes of leather, barnyard, and fruitiness, depending on how long it sits in a brett-infused barrel.

Our new beer release, Brett Bretterson originated as a clean Saison that we put in wine barrels that contained a small amount of a wild strain of Brettanomyces. Brett can survive in wood for a very long time and once in the barrel, nothing short of burning it will get it out completely. After fermenting in the barrels for over six months, the strain revealed stronger notes in the Saison while making the beer drier and bringing up the alcohol content.

Our last Brett release, Brett or Alive, used a similar base Saison with a Brett. A strain of Brett was added in the fermenter, not in barrels, which we let go for a few weeks and kegged when it had developed to a certain point. Brett or Alive is a slightly lighter, fruitier beer with subtle earthy flavours, while Brett Bretterson is a drier, more mellow beer with a clean finish.

Brett Bretterson (7.6% ABV, 25 IBU) is now available in our bottleshop and on tap.

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