Bandit's B-Day Beer Reveal: Introducing Hazed and Infused

You’ve read about it. You’ve heard about it. You’ve booked the date and made plans with pals. Yup, we’re (obviously) talking about our upcoming #BanditTurnsOne celebration on Saturday, May 6th ! We've lined up a lot of fun stuff - live performances by Toronto-native, Bandit-loving Little Lotus. Our kitchen will be setting up BBQ on our patio. Still, what would #BanditTurnsOne be without beer?

For our one-year anniversary, we decided to do things a bit differently. Since our opening in 2016, we’ve been fortunate to have a brewery and kitchen staff that is mainly composed of home-brewers and verified beer-heads. They keep track of every step the brewery team takes and can list you the majority of ingredients in each of our beers. This time around we wanted to have them be a part of the process, especially considering this is our one-year anniversary beer and they’ve been an integral part of our development and growth. Under the lead of brewer Julian, they’ve created Hazed and Infused, a peach-infused North East Pale Ale.

“The staff’s initial goal was to make a fruity, light summer beer designed to be enjoyed during our anniversary party on our patio. Our brewpub manager, Dwayne, had been tinkering with this recipe at home with great results, so we decided to go for it and share the deliciousness with our Bandit friends,” Julian tells us.

The brew day was a really rewarding experience for all. Those staff members not familiar with home brewing wanted to learn, and the one’s familiar with the process wanted to learn even more about brewing a much bigger batch in a more complex system. Under the supervision of our brewery team, the staff was involved in everything, from the mashing of the grains to sparging, boiling, transferring, and pitching of the yeast. It was a truly collaborative effort by all and it made us real proud of our Bandit family.

Hazed and Infused sits pretty close to our other Pale Ales on the citrus front but the introduction of peach in the second fermentation elevate it to another level and make it a really special beer, exactly what we wanted for #BanditTurnsOne. After all, this beer is symbolically pretty much our birthday cake. The “Hazed” element comes from the use of malted wheat and oat flakes on the malt bill, which makes it a cloudy beer. The beer’s light malt base is nicely complimented by a tart peach flavour and aroma. A smooth citrus bitterness lingers.

Hazed and Infused will be released at 5 pm on Saturday, May 6th during #BanditTurnsOne.

Super chill vibes guaranteed.

Hazed and Infused: peach-infused North East Pale Ale. 6.1% ABV. 78 IBU

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