Introducing: Brett or Alive (Brett Saison)

Our Farmed & Dangerous Saison has been a Bandit staple since opening day. Its crisp and refreshing taste make it an everyday beer and one of our most beloved brews. It only made sense then to tinker with our recipe and create a new Brett version of it just in time for the kick-off of patio season. Our Farmed & Dangerous is developed using Saccharomyces yeast, the kind used in most beers. In our new Brett or Alive, the use of a Brett (Brettanomyces) strain, a wild yeast, for the secondary fermentation, creates new "funky" flavours that add some complexity to the recipe. Brett or Alive is a slightly lighter, drier, fruitier beer with subtle earthy flavours. In general, depending on the strain, the type of use, and the duration of the process, Brett can create intense flavours and aromas described as leather, barnyard, earthy, and even leaning towards mushroom!

Brett has gained much popularity in the last decade because of the craft beer movement. Brewers are excited to experiment and play with yeast just as much as they do with hops.

We spoke to Stephane, our brewer at the helm of this new beer, about his experience with Brett yeast and what pushed him to keep exploring this style of beers (our first Brett beer was our limited-release Hibernator 2016, a barrel aged Brett blend). "Growing up in France, the first Brett beer I tried is Orval, a quite unique Belgian Trappist beer," he tells us. "It's an acquired taste for some, but I was hooked from the first sip!"

The brewing process for this type of beer is also quite unique and sometimes complicated since Brett can be very invasive if not handled properly, although the payback is usually very rewarding. "With this version of Brett or Alive, we are adding Brett in secondary fermentation, but it is also possible to do a 100% Brett fermentation," Stephane tells us. "Brett also benefits from being added in ageing barrels since it gives the beer more time to develop unique flavours."

We plan to slowly release other versions of our Brett or Alive in the coming months using different Brett strains to highlight other specific types of funkiness.

Our Brett or Alive pairs perfectly with cheese and is a perfect beer to be enjoyed on our patio this season. As for the best music to enjoy while drinking it, Stephane recommends the quietness of a Belgian monastery, or better yet (and much more accessible to us Torontonians), cottage country.

Brett or Alive (Brett Saison, 5.9%) is now available on tap and will soon be available in our bottle shop.

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