Oyster Stout is here

It was during a chilly Sunday morning in December that we hosted some of our Bandit friends at the brewery for a morning of brewing, drinking and feasting on some delicious PEI oysters. Ben, our brewer, came in at 6 am that morning to start the process – making the mash, chucking in 400 oysters into it, and letting them cook sous-vide for an hour. We then took out the oysters, shucked them and served them to our guests along with a pint.  

But what happened to that beer? The oyster-y beer goodness has been fermenting for the last month and …

“It’s now the Brine of the Ancient Mariner” Ben tells us.

Our new Oyster stout, a medium bodied stout with chocolate and coffee notes and a distinct marine brine character will be available both at the Brewpub and the Bottle shop starting this Friday (Jan 13) at 5 pm.

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