The Imperial Strikes Back: Introducing NOVA (IIIPA, 10.1%)


IPAs are an essential part of who we are. Since our opening in 2016 we've gone out of our way to express our undying love for the style. New styles may come and go, but in our eyes, IPAs still reign supreme. We're constantly in search of new ways of experimenting with hops, creating an incredibly varied selection of IPAs with hopes that everyone finds their personal favourite, even those who may be "wary of hops." Most of our IPAs are defined by the variety of hops used: Cloud with Citra and Galaxy, Juicebox and DEW with a rotating hop profile, Mangrove with Mosaic, Simcoe and Galaxy. This week's new IPA release is all about HOPS; a brand new triple IPA that, while definitively being a "hop-bomb", manages to find a pleasant and enjoyable balance of sweetness and alcohol that supports all the heavy dry-hopping additions. This one goes out to our fellow hop-heads!

Brewing an extra-strong beer like NOVA has its challenges. The mash process proved to be quite laborious since we had an almost obscene amount of oats to work with, in order to create the desired smooth mouthfeel. Because of the beer's high gravity, the result is a much smaller batch than we're used to for other IPAs. This works slightly in our favour, as we want to ensure that NOVA is consumed as freshly as possible to avoid losing some of its incredible aromas and punchy flavours.

Hops are clearly the stars of the show here. NOVA was brewed exclusively with HEFTY amounts of Citra and Galaxy and was double dry-hopped to bring out as much of the hops' tropical fruit flavour and aromas as possible.

NOVA is a wildly aromatic IPA with aromas of candied mango, orange rind, and a dank finish. While still a BIG beer, it retains a super juicy mouthfeel with subtle flavours of peach, mango, and a slightly piney finish.

NOVA will be available on Wednesday, August 28th on tap, in bottles, and on our online store.

Juan M. Gonzalez Calcaneo