Cool For The Summer: Introducing Wizard of Gose Cucumber + Lime (4.2%)


As you might imagine, brewing in mid-July can often turn into a steamy situation, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that for our latest release in our Wizard of Gose series our brewers opted for an incredibly refreshing version of our beloved Gose. Choosing new fruit variants for the series can sometimes be a bit challenging, as not every fruit allows itself to pair nicely with this beer style's characteristic tartness and slight saltiness. Earlier in the Summer, we all enjoyed a juicer version with peach, and most recently the sour cherry version delighted us with its candy-like sweetness. This weekend we're very excited to announce the release of Wizard of Gose Cucumber + Lime, a cooling and tart beer that drinks like a crisp summer cocktail.

Just like with our other Goses, this one is brewed using our house strain of lactic bacteria. While our original apricot version of WoG relied on the stone fruit's sweet aromas to balance out the acidity, this new version is not shy about pushing the tartness levels forward. The cucumber brings out some slight floral and melon aromas in the beer, and the hint of lime at the end is the perfect final touch to leave a nice and crips lingering flavour. The addition of sea salt helps to round out some of the extra acidity and makes the beer even more refreshing (did we mention this beer is very refreshing?).

Wizard of Gose Cucumber + Lime is available now on tap, in our bottle shop, and on our online store.