Big It Up: Introducing DEW (DIPA, 8.2%)


At bandit we've always been a huge fan of IPAs . It is the style that we most enjoy brewing (and drinking, of course), as it allows for a bigger sense of play with hops and yeast. When brewing the style we're often able to highlight our favourite malts, yeasts, and hops in ways that other beer styles don't really allow for. What we like even better than IPAs are Double IPAs: a lot more hops and malt.! In the past, we've released a few versions of the style; some pinier and extra bitter like 2017's Tsarina Bomb, and some juicier and more tropical like our current Orage. This weekend we're taking a slightly different direction with our newest beer: DEW, a DIPA that, while remaining a true hop-bomb, manages to isolate and highlight one single hop: Citra.

This first release in our Single Hop DIPA series was made with Citra in mind, a definitive favourite of our brewers, as it provides the beer with bursts of candied mango and orange peel aromas. The malt bill was slightly altered in order for the beer to have a lighter, yet juicy mouthfeel with a lingering biscuit-like character. Flavours of tropical fruit and light citrus come forward, but the hop aromas and light bitterness remain the star of the show.

Our hopes are that DEW grows into a fully-fledged series over the following months, with new versions featuring some of our other favourite hops to brew with, like Mosaic, Galaxy, El Dorado, and Idaho 7.

DEW is now available on tap, in our bottle shop, and on our online store.