Why So Sour: Introducing Wizard of Gose- Sour Cherry (Sour Cherry Gose, 4.2%)


We first started brewing Wizard of Gose in the Summer of 2016. We clearly remember a lot of our guests being taken aback by its unique and punchy tartness and the slight saltiness that the style is known for. Our first version of Wizard of Gose used apricots to mellow out some of the sourness with its stone-fruit sweetness. The apricot version has since become one of our staples and one of the beers that most people associate with Bandit. While we're constantly exploring new flavour profiles with different fruit additions in several of our beers, Wizard of Gose has remained essentially the same for a while. We've released a few variations in the past, from a prickly pear version to an extra-sour kumquat one, but apricot has remained a constant. This week, we're really excited to release a brand new version of it, this time using sour cherries as our fruit component, resulting in a mouth-puckering beer with a sour candy-like sweetness.

The base recipe has gone pretty much unchanged this time around, other than some small adjustments in order to balance out the sweetness and sourness from the cherry addition. Just like any past versions, it is also brewed using our house strain of lactic bacteria, which gives the beer its smooth tartness. Adding loads and loads of sour cherries provides the beer with a subtle nuttiness, floral aromas, and a hint of cinnamon-like spice. What can we say, it's a dreamy beer!

Wizard of Gose- Sour Cherry will be available on Friday, May 3rd at 5 PM in our bottle shop and in our brewpub.