Big Birthday Beer: Introducing Meadow (Blended Barrel-Aged Sour Saison w. Brett, 6%)


When we first opened our doors in May of 2016 we had a fairly small selection of beers. One of our favourite opening day beers, Farmed & Dangerous, started out as a straight "clean" Saison and remained that way for its entire first year. It was in early 2017 that we began to expand the limits of what's possible when brewing a Farmhouse Ale, so we began experimenting with various strains of Brett, a variety of wild yeast that brings forward surprising and often complex flavours and aromas in beer. Since then we've released a wide variety of versions of Farmed, all with unique characteristics, turning the Farmed series into one of our most exciting and dynamic.

It's been more than a little while since we last brewed Farmed, and as we brainstormed on the ideal type of beer to release during our third-anniversary celebration, we decided to go back to square one and reimagine our staple Farmhouse Ale. This week, as we commemorate three years of incredible memories and beer, we're thrilled to introduce Meadow, our newest Saison, which pushes forward strong earthy Brett aromas followed by a subtle sourness.

After completing our month-long renovations earlier in the year, our barreling capacity nearly doubled, so it made sense for us to showcase some of the special barrel-aged beers that we've been working on for the past few months. Allowing Brett to develop wildly in the barrels as we aged two different Saisons allowed us to create two fiercely complex new beers. These two beers were then blended in order to achieve a perfectly balanced Saison with fruit-forward flavours, a hint of Pedio that leans towards blue cheese, and a rounded sourness that leaves a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Meadow will become available in bottles, on tap, and in our online store during our #BanditTurnsThree celebration on Saturday, May 11th.