Introducing Elements #3 (Barrel-Aged Dry-Hopped Sour Blend)


Earlier in the year, we introduced you to our Elements series, a project that we've been proudly working on since early 2018. For the Elements series, our main goal was to explore the infinite possibilities that result from blending different barrel-aged beers. After almost a year of ageing these beers and countless hours of mixing, tasting, and rating, our brewers selected as perfectly balanced, yet complex, beer blends as possible. Our initial two releases (#1, a barrel-aged blend of sours, #2, a barrel-aged blend of Farmhouse Ales) were an introduction into what this series is all about, and this week we're very excited to unveil our latest addition to the series- Elements #3, a tart and refreshing barrel-aged blend of dry-hopped sours.

After many months allowing for wild fermentation in the barrels, one of the two sours used for Elements #3 had a strong, pleasant lychee aroma. We decided right away that this characteristic of the beer was something we wanted to lean on, but by blending it with the other sour we uncovered a better balanced beer. The second sour provided a crisp, light acidity that toned down some of the sweetness in the first beer, resulting in a subtly well balanced beer with a sweet lychee-like aroma, which gives way to hints of blue cheese and toasted hazelnuts.

The final beer has strong aromas of Brett, Lychee and chardonnay and has a crisp, dry finish with a moderate bitterness and a white wine like acidity.

Elements #3 will be available on Friday, March 29th at 5 PM in our bottle shop. Bottles will also be available in our brewpub.