Introducing Elements #2 (Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale Blend, 5.5%)


In early 2018, we started playing with the idea of doing a new series that focused on exploring how to blend complex barrel-aged beers in order to bring forward funky and complex flavours and aromas. The Elements series was planned out to be an all-encompassing series, featuring blends with all different beer styles, from sours to Porters. Soon after that, we started brewing a variety of beers and putting them into different barrels and aged them over a period of 8 months. The arduous (but fun!) blending process began in mid-December, allowing enough time to bottle condition for a February release. This week, we’re delighted to announce our second release in the series: a Farmhouse Ale blend that combines two very different Saisons, bringing out the best and complimentary qualities in each beer, resulting in a surprisingly funky and well-rounded new beer.

The first beer we used for this blend is a Saison that we aged in one of our wine barrels, which provided the beer with some additional warmth and notes of toasted oak. For the second beer, we used our Farmed & Dangerous recipe with a hefty infusion of Brett and Lactobacillus, which gives the beer an extra “funky” and slightly sour character. The barrel-ageing process brought forward some additional oak aromas. Blending these two beers was a process that took some extra effort and time, as our team had to do several blends before finding the right balance of sourness and sweetness. The resulting beer, Elements #2, is a light, crisp, and refreshing Farmhouse Ale blend with a strong Brett-forward aroma, a subtle hint of clove-like spice, and a sweetness akin to berries from the Saison yeast.

Elements #2 will be available on Thursday, January 31st at 5 PM in our bottle shop, with some bottles also available for purchase from the convenience of your table in our brewpub.

Juan M. Gonzalez Calcaneo