The Cherry on Top: Introducing Cake Monster – Black Forest (Chocolate + Cherry Porter, 6.6 %)


We first introduced Cake Monster earlier in the year, soon after some of our team had visited Mexico. We had been inspired by the richness and complexity of Mexican hot chocolate and wanted to see how some of those characteristics would translate to beer. We really enjoyed the result beer, a bold and spicy Porter that still managed to be easy to drink. Since then, we’ve switched up the variety of chili peppers a few times, from habanero to ancho, but the beer has pretty much remained in the style of the Mexican hot chocolate. This weekend, we’re expanding Cake Monster into a “Pastry Beer” series with the release of a new beer inspired by classic German Black Forest cake. The rich and robust flavours of chocolate are complimented by the sweet sour cherry tartness in this American Porter. 

For this new Porter we added cacao husks from Chocosol Traders at different steps of the brewing process in order to bring out as much flavour as possible. Chocolate can often be overpowering in beer, but the addition of dark sour cherries during the fermentation balance out the roastiness of the cacao. The addition of Madagascar vanilla beans and the biscuit-like flavours from the malts provide the beer with the sweet “cake” element that is desired of pastry beers. 

Cake Monster - Black Forest is available now on tap and in our bottle shop. 


Juan M. Gonzalez Calcaneo