A Star(fruit) Is Born: Introducing Wizard of Gose Starfruit (Starfruit Gose, 4.2%)


Wizard of Gose is one of our few beer brands that we don’t get to play around with very often; only occasionally do we switch things up and introduce new versions. Past incarnations of our fruit-forward Gose include an extra-tart lime version, a brightly hued prickly pear, and a lightly sweeter blood orange one. We have a lot of love for our original apricot Gose recipe, which since its introduction in Summer of 2016 has remained virtually unchanged and has endured as one of our few year-round staples, so when we do play with the recipe we make sure to use unexpected fruits that would nicely compliment the desired saltiness and sourness that we've come to love in Gose beers.

This weekend we’re taking things in a new direction with the release of a new starfruit (also known as carambolas) version of Wizard of Gose. This is the first time we've worked with this waxy green/yellow fruit and we’re delighted by the result: a punchy sour beer packed with delicious citrus aromas and a subtle candy-like sweetness from the fruit, which in turns smooths out some of the tartness. The expected hints of sea salt and the light body remain, with some additional souring from our house strain of lactic bacteria. 

Wizard of Gose- Starfruit is now available on tap and in our bottle shop. 

Pro Tip: The perfect beer to pair with our recurring Wednesday Buck-a-Shuck! 

Juan M. Gonzalez Calcaneo